Business Development and Sales Coaching

Tech startups will be coached and learn a proven actionable framework to address business development, sales, prospecting, lead generation, sales process, marketing and events that we’ve developed from working with 1500+ startups over the past twenty years.

Our main goal is to help you drive revenue of your technology or software product and bring in proven expertise to help you accomplish this. Our clients sometimes need the expertise of a Chief Revenue or Sales Officer, Prospecting or Lead Generation Expert, business focused Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Technical CTO, VP of Engineering, Director of UI/UX Product Design, Tech Startup Funding Expert, CFO, COO or Tech Startup Legal Expert. We help our clients solve their challenges and provide them with an expert team that works closely with them to achieve success.

Prospecting and Lead Generation  

We give our clients a proven process and team that’s focused on prospecting, lead generation, driving new client acquisition and revenue. This program is based on our 20 years of experience working with software and tech startups. After our clients go through our Discovery and Assessment process, we have the ability to quickly build a program based on their goals and challenges.

Sales Process Consulting

It’s extremely important that your tech startup has defined sales and engineering goals, objectives and a communication model that are in tight alignment in order to generate revenue with customers. This is the #1 challenge that we see when working with our clients. In our experience most sales and engineering teams are not working together effectively in order to drive software licensing and services revenue with the customer.

We quickly address these issues as well as help our clients develop proven processes, utilize a CRM, develop a funnel, build digital content, run campaigns, generate leads, qualify leads, conduct meetings and close business.

Events and Marketing

We go with our clients to events they are attending, run events for them and provide marketing support to target prospective customers. Many of our clients need a proven process when they’re attending an event as well as someone experienced to identify target customers attending the event and work the room in order to generate leads.

We also work with our clients to organize, manage and run events for them in order to generate leads within their target customers. Examples where we have experience include webinars and Meetups.

Staffing and Recruiting

Our process to help you bring in sales and business development talent is unmatched in the industry and is based on our over 20 years of experience. We find talent much faster than the competition, increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. We’ve created our delivery model for staffing and recruiting based on our experience doing business development and lead generation for industry leading software and technology services organizations.

Whether you have needs for full-time, contract, contract to hire or staff augmentation we work with you to bring you great people in the shortest timeframe possible for the best costs.


Business Development, Sales & Lead Generation Program Overview

Team – Chief Sales Officer, Lead Generation Expert, Data Acquisition Expert

Phase 1 – Discovery and Assessment 

  • Goals and objectives
  • Business challenges
  • Technical challenges
  • Current processes understanding
  • People involved in processes
  • Technology utilized for business development
  • Products overview, demos, deep dive
  • Understanding of current target market
  • Understanding of competition
  • Current customers and case studies
  • Current business development and sales content
  • Pricing models for software products
  • Website review
  • Research

Phase 2 – Deliverables 

  • Lean Canvas Development 
  • Revenue Generating Business Plan – strategy, process, approach and projections
  • Business development and sales presentation framework for meetings
  • Target and prospect database – companies, contacts, emails, warm market
  • Messaging and content to target warm market, prospects and generate leads
  • Costing and Pricing Model 

Phase 3 – Monthly Business Development, Sales, Lead Generation 

  • Targeting warm market of client organization, partners, advocates
  • Conferences, events and monthly webinars
  • Email campaigns and email hyper-targeting
  • Follow up phone calls and voicemails
  • Lead handoff data documents – to prep for meetings
  • Involvement and/or coaching on meetings and next steps
  • Weekly status meeting and reports