Hire, Build, Sell.

We power on software and hi-tech companies and are industry leaders in helping them HIRE talent, BUILD software, SELL technology solutions and generate leads. 



If you are a software or hi-tech company you need to be working with PhillyTech.

PhillyTech is the industry leader in helping software and hi-tech companies HIRE, BUILD and SELL.

HIRE ideal, exact fit talent, very fast.

BUILD differentiated software products.

SELL tech solutions, build strategy and generate leads with UPROSPECT.

PhillyTech is uniquely qualified to help software and hi-tech companies succeed.

We have 20+ years of experience and are 100% focused in the software and hi-tech markets.

We have 100+ clients and are among the Top 1% Most Connected on LinkedIn, with over 19,000 1st connections, which gives us a competitive advantage.

We’ve built differentiated processes and programs that help our clients succeed including our hunting and hyper-targeting recruiting and lead generation processes, Intern Incubator Program, Node.js Meetup, Software and Health Tech Meetup, Live Weekly Tech Talks show, yearly Holiday Parties, Tech Week events and are active members of the largest software and tech groups nationally, regionally and internationally.

PhillyTech’s software and hi-tech clients are globally distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

PhillyTech’s uses its massive globally distributed LinkedIn network of 19,000+ 1st connections and 100,000+ contacts to help our 100+ clients differentiate.

We’ll hire your talent…Very Fast


We hunt for you, create extremely effective hiring campaigns, negotiate offer letters and guarantee your hires. We execute the entire on-boarding process and act as your Chief Recruiting Officer, Recruiting and HR Team. We bring you best practices, processes and free software for great costs.

Hybrid onsite-offsite software development in Philly and Colombia South America.


We work with our clients to conceptualize, design, build and maintain custom software and data focused solutions. Our engineers and developers specialize in Custom Web Development, Mobile App Development, Database Administration, IoT, DevOps, Elasticsearch, Data Science, ETL, DW, Visualization, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Blockchain Development.

We’ll sell your software-tech products and generate leads.


Our sales and lead generation process leverages our massive LinkedIn network to sell your products, ideas or services to potential customers or investors. We are among the Top 1% most connected on LinkedIn with over 19K+ 1st connections, we have 100+ clients and have 20+ years of experience in sales and lead generation. Our people, proprietary processes and UPROSPECT software is guaranteed to give you sales results and generate leads.

PhillyTech’s vision is to help 1 Billion Knowledge Workers with UPROSPECT.

UPROSPECT is a Digital Business Card (CV) and Lead Generation Master System that PhillyTech has developed to help knowledge workers generate up to 500% more leads. It’s Prospecting Simplified.

UPROSPECT will redefine how ALL KNOWLEDGE WORKERS network, generate leads and get meetings.

As of 2020 LinkedIn has 260 million active users. UPROSPECT needs 0.001% of this market to have 260,000 users. At $500 a year UPROSPECT will generate $130 million in revenue and be worth $2.6 billion at 20X earnings.

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Tech Talks

Tech Talks airs between 1-5pm EST every Wednesday.

Tech Talks has been a passion project of Michael C. Bertoni, Founder & CEO of PhillyTech, for over 4 years. During Tech Talks he interviews leaders from the software and hi-tech ecosystem, promotes their brand and shares the interview to over 30,000 followers on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. He’s done over 30 shows with companies including erwin, Temple, Slyce, Workarea, Chain.io and Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

Michael’s goal is to give value before asking for anything in return. Watch some of his shows below and schedule a meeting with him to be on a future episode of Tech Talks.

What is Tech Talks?

CEO of Phillytech
Jul 2019

Guest: Brian Glick

CEO of Chain
Feb 2020

Guest: Nick Steele

Senior Architect at Verill
Feb 2020

We power on software and hi-tech companies.

PhillyTech has 20+ years of experience helping tech companies HIRE talent, BUILD and SELL software. We have 100+ clients, a massive LinkedIn network of 19K+ 1st connections and are the the only firm in the industry that has experience to execute in these three areas.

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