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Transform Hiring with Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS) By Michael C. Bertoni, Founder & CTO, PhillyTech This article was originally published by DiscoverOrg Software, an industry leading Marketing Intelligence (MI) platform for recruiting. Learn more about how PhillyTech can help your business, and get five free hours of consulting, including an initial consultation, assessment, solution proposal and review. As the founder and CTO of PhillyTech, I’ve been involved in technology and consulting for 20 years. The biggest, most consistent challenge I’ve heard from founders, CTOs, CIOs, and VPs of Engineering and Development is hiring the right talent for their organization. People are the most important asset in your organization. According to research by the Human Capital Management Institute, people make up 70% of an organization’s operational expenses. A bad hire who makes $100,000 a year costs an organization $250,000. According to the Harvard Business Review, up to 80% of employee turnover is due to […]

Recruiting-as-a-Service Published by DiscoverOrg