Daily Archives: March 19, 2020

OH YES ITS FREE… Two days ago I had a huge success story with a client that compelled me to create this campaign. More on this below… PhillyTech is committed to helping software and hi-tech companies with sales, recruiting and engineering services. When a software company works with us during the “Software Sales Leads for Free Campaign” you will get free leads. Oh Yes, It’s Free. Free, Free, Free and unlike TurboTax, it’s actually free. 😀 I have over 24 years of experience developing a process and software to generate leads and optimize the sales process. I can confidently say that PhillyTech is the best company to help you with sales and lead generation. Why? Because my clients have told me hundreds of times. The typical response after we get a software company a lead is, “Mike, how the heck do you do this so fast? Here’s what I tell […]

Software Sales Leads for Free Campaign (Success Story Below)