Daily Archives: April 2, 2020

Hi, I’m Mike. The Founder of PhillyTech…🤓 Connect with me on LinkedIn. There’s nothing like a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic to get you to research morning routines. 😀 Here’s my personalized 5-Step Morning Routine (with videos) that I’ll be using to get the day started and build a better life. Keep this simple and give yourself an hour to do this routine. What does the Research Show on Morning Routines? The research shows that extremely successful and happy people have morning routines. DUH, RIGHT?! This makes perfect sense, but why is it that less than 1% of people have an optimized morning routine? Probably because they don’t teach this stuff in school…😩 Check out my friend Evan Carmichael’s video on YouTube, “5 Morning ROUTINES That Will TRANSFORM Your LIFE!” What is Michael Bertoni’s 5-Step Morning Routine? Watch these videos below and then create your own morning routine. Wake-up, Drink Water and […]

5-Step Morning Routine