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We wanted to thank everyone who attended the Philly Tech Community Holiday Party 2017! Check out our sponsors, partners & advisors, see a recap, take a look at our favorite backdrop photos, download photos below and share this page.

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BIG THANKS to Susan Rocco from Women to Watch Media & Beasley Media for helping put together this commercial. Watch the video and then register for the holiday party using the Eventbrite button below the video. Please share this event using the social sharing links above and the hashtag #PhillyHolidayParty

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                                        Business Development, Lead Generation & Coaching (for businesses)

  • Business Development, Lead Generation & Coaching Assessment
  • Goals, Challenges & Requirements
  • Product &

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You have an idea in your head for a software app or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and you have no idea where to start. Learn how to become a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Rock Star and understand the five keys to building an MVP or App.

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Transform Hiring with Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS)

By Michael C. Bertoni, Founder & CTO, PhillyTech This article was originally published by DiscoverOrg Software, an industry leading Marketing Intelligence (MI) platform for recruiting. Learn more about how PhillyTech can help your business, and get

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Welcome to PhillyTech! Let’s face it, sourcing and hiring tech talent is extremely challenging for software and tech companies. The job market for engineers and developers is fiercely competitive and there aren’t enough people to fill all the open positions. At PhillyTech, we understand

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PhillyTech - Top 10.5 Reasons Employers Should Use Recruiters

1 – Recruiters attract better people.

2 – Recruiters describe the position better.

3 – Recruiters keep companies focused.

4 – Recruiters increase productivity and lower costs.

5 – Recruiters more quickly fill your position

6 – Recruiters know where to

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PhillyTech How To Hire Tech Talent

How To Hire Tech Talent For Your Organization

Michael Bertoni – Founder & CTO Thank you for taking

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PhillyTech is a leader in helping software, technology, mid-size and Fortune 1000 organizations find, onboard and hire full-time or consultative IT talent. We will give you a $25 Gift Card of Your Choice for a Referral to an Information Technology (IT) Hiring Manager and $1,000 if your referral results in a successful placement for PhillyTech. Please share this page on LinkedIn & Twitter by clicking SOCIAL SHARE.

To Learn more about these PhillyTech People Services for your messages to hiring managers click HERE.


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  • You must refer PhillyTech to the Information Technology (IT) Hiring Manager, Director, VP, CTO or CIO.(Top IT jobs we place are Software/Mobile Developers, Software/Mobile Engineers, Architects, Cloud Engineers, Tech Leads, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Project Managers, VPs of Software Development or Engineering, CTO/Tech Co-Founder).

  • The person that you refer us to must take a meeting with PhillyTech.

  • After the meeting is completed PhillyTech will give you a $25 gift card of your choice.

  • If the referral results in a successful placement for PhillyTech we will give you $1,000.

Please send all introductions to IT Hiring Managers in one of two ways:

  • By sending an email to the hiring manager and CCing with a short note about PhillyTech and taking a meeting with us.

  • By sending PhillyTech the referral at this link - - and putting your name and email at the bottom in requirements.

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For Software, Technology, Mid-Size & Fortune 1000 Companies

By Michael C. Bertoni – Founder & CTO – PhillyTech
Reach out to us at to schedule a 1 Hour Free Consultation.
People are the most important asset in your company and 70-80% of your costs. Most software,
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Learn how you and your company can win with Social Selling!

Everyone in the world can benefit from Social Selling.

What Are The 10 Ways You Benefit from Social Selling?

(1) Find your next higher paying job.

(2) Building a

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PhillyTech - Top Organizations and Groups in Philly Tech                                                                  

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PhillyTech - Social Selling Tips

Very simple, but powerful tips for Social Selling:

Embed Presentation Using Slideshare.

  1. Sign up for Slideshare (owned by LinkedIn).
  2. Upload a presentation to Slideshare.
  3. Go to the presentation in Slideshare, hit Share, copy

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PhillyTech - Social Selling Tips

Very simple, but powerful tips for Social Selling:

1. Set up a LinkedIn page.

2. Set up a Twitter page.

3. Set up a Facebook page.


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If you are an SMB and your business does not have a mobile app, you need to think about getting one. In today’s competitive marketplace a website is no longer sufficient as the majority of the market is moving to mobile. According to a recent Gallup survey:

  • Americans spend more

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Experience is important, but 9 other things are more critical to success. PhillyTech - Top 10 Reasons You Will Succeed

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PhillyTech is changing the game in website, mobile and custom application development. We typically spend up to 20 hours understanding your goals, challenges and requirements, building a solution proposal and then reviewing it with you to ensure we exceed your objectives. This time is our investment in the success of

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What is Social Selling?

Everyone in the world can benefit from Social Selling. Three small companies were founded between 2003-2005 and those three companies – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – now dominate

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Philly Tech Ecosystem By Rosella LaFevre I am excited to join the team as Vice President of Social and Digital Media. I’m looking forward to combining my skills and passions and helping exceed expectations for PhillyTech’s clients. I

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Gigi JKGigi JK is the Founder & CTO of Offshorent, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and has over 25 years of development, delivery & outsourcing experience. Here are some more details on his experience and

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NoochiOS mobile app for person to person funds transactions.

No fees to download, send, request or receive money.

Send money to any email address or phone number.

Nooch is 100% mobile – use it

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