PhillyTech is changing the game in website, mobile and custom application development. We typically spend up to 20 hours understanding your goals, challenges and requirements, building a solution proposal and then reviewing it with you to ensure we exceed your objectives. This time is our investment in the success of

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What is Social Selling?

Everyone in the world can benefit from Social Selling. Three small companies were founded between 2003-2005 and those three companies – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – now dominate

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PhillyTech Thanks Clients & Partners in 2015!

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Philly Tech Ecosystem By Rosella LaFevre I am excited to join the team as Vice President of Social and Digital Media. I’m looking forward to combining my skills and passions and helping exceed expectations for PhillyTech’s clients. I

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Gigi JKGigi JK is the Founder & CTO of Offshorent, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and has over 25 years of development, delivery & outsourcing experience. Here are some more details on his experience and

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NoochiOS mobile app for person to person funds transactions.

No fees to download, send, request or receive money.

Send money to any email address or phone number.

Nooch is 100% mobile – use it

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It’s our goal at PhillyTech.Co to be the #1 Resource for Tech, Digital & Social Selling Talent in the Philly region. When we launched in December 2014 we immediately went to work to compile the

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First Round Capital

1/13/2015 – PhillyTech Company Profile # 1 – First Round Capital & Josh Kopelman – “Why Your Business Advocate Community is Vitally Important To Your Success.” – By Michael C. Bertoni – Founder & CTO –

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12/21/2014 – For Immediate Release – “Philadelphia Triathlon Club Partners with PhillyTech for Website Redesign & Development.”

Fill out the form below and you will receive a complimentary 2 hour business and technical workshop where the PhillyTech Team will understand your goals, objectives, challenges and

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PhillyTech Love Our vision at PhillyTech is to be the #1 resource for Tech, Digital & Social Selling Talent in the Philly region. According to leading tech publication Philly and founder Christopher Wink, Philadelphia is home to 488 tech firms. Additionally, there are over 5,000 tech firms

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