You have an idea in your head for a software app or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and you have no idea where to start. Learn how to become a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Rock Star and understand the five keys to building an MVP or App.  
Transform Hiring with Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS) By Michael C. Bertoni, Founder & CTO, PhillyTech This article was originally published by DiscoverOrg Software, an industry leading Marketing Intelligence (MI) platform for recruiting. Learn more about how PhillyTech can help your business, and get five free hours of consulting, including an initial consultation, assessment, solution proposal and review. As the founder and CTO of PhillyTech, I’ve been involved in technology and consulting for 20 years. The biggest, most consistent [si-contact-form form=’4′] Welcome to PhillyTech! Let’s face it, sourcing and hiring tech talent is extremely challenging for software and tech companies. The job market for engineers and developers is fiercely competitive and there aren’t enough people to fill all the open positions. At PhillyTech, we understand these challenges and bring you processes, tools and techniques that nobody else is using to give you a competitive advantage. First, we help you write a job requirement
1 – Recruiters attract better people. 2 – Recruiters describe the position better. 3 – Recruiters keep companies focused. 4 – Recruiters increase productivity and lower costs. 5 – Recruiters more quickly fill your position 6 – Recruiters know where to look for the best talent.  7 – Recruiters know how to attract the right talent.  8 – Recruiters don’t lose candidates.  9 – Recruiters help you improve your processes. 10 – Recruiters produce results for your company. 10.5 – Some Recruiters actually understand tech.
If you enjoy the content please share it using the social sharing buttons above. PhillyTech Launches People as a Service from PhillyTech.Co (www.PhillyTech.Co) The details of the slides are listed below. Slide 1 – Presented by Michael Bertoni, Founder & CTO, PhillyTech, People as a Service Overview: Build a Recruiting Engine that gets results. To schedule a free consultation email us at Slide 2 – Executive Summary Michael Bertoni and PhillyTech have been delivering solutions to tech, software, mid­-market and Fortune 1000 companies for the past 18 years. PhillyTech’s focus is on helping our clients bring the best people into their organization. We have developed an innovative People as a Service offering where we deliver an always on recruiting engine. The service includes strategy, people, process, technology and a simple monthly service fee. Our objective is to work with your existing team to solve problems with recruiting and deliver business value. Slide 3 – Problem 1 The consistent problem that we hear from our clients is recruiting and finding great talent. Slide 4 – Problem 2 Most companies do not have the skill sets, process and technology to do recruiting properly. Slide 5 – Problem 3 There is typically and adversarial relationship between internal recruiting team and agency. Slide 6
How To Hire Tech Talent For Your Organization Michael Bertoni – Founder & CTO Thank you for taking your time to view this presentation. I will highlight the things you need to power your company to find, onboard and hire the best tech talent. After your review please fill out our short form below for a Free 1 Hour Consultation. PhillyTech – How To Hire Tech Talent from PhillyTech.Co (www.PhillyTech.Co) Below are the written details
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For Software, Technology, Mid-Size & Fortune 1000 Companies By Michael C. Bertoni – Founder & CTO – PhillyTech Reach out to us at to schedule a 1 Hour Free Consultation. People are the most important asset in your company and 70-80% of your costs. Most software, tech, mid-size & Fortune 1000 companies who need to hire full-time or consultative tech, marketing or sales talent don’t have the right people, processes or technology to find,