yourPosse: The Secret Weapon Vincent Chase and His Boys Wish They’d Had By Rosella LaFevre – VP of Social & Digital Content – PhillyTech How many times have you come home from a night out with the guys — whether a bachelor party or any regular ol’ Friday — and felt utterly disappointed? It’d happened to Adam several times. He’d been out with his entourage and felt the night could’ve been so much more entertaining
By Rosella LaFevre I am excited to join the team as Vice President of Social and Digital Media. I’m looking forward to combining my skills and passions and helping exceed expectations for PhillyTech’s clients. I bring a pretty diverse background to the work we’ll be doing. I’ve got experience running my own online magazine, freelance writing for Philadelphia area publications, working at a PR agency and contracting with a marketing consultant who specializes in
Gigi JK is the Founder & CTO of Offshorent, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and has over 25 years of development, delivery & outsourcing experience. Here are some more details on his experience and background in the Philly region. Dual Bachelors: InfoSci. & Mathematics. (Drexel and Gandhi University) Drexel – Summa Cum Laude 25+ years of experience in software, technology and outsourcing Application Architect – Comcast – 4+ years Chief Information Officer – Arcgroup Associates – 4+
iOS mobile app for person to person funds transactions. No fees to download, send, request or receive money. Send money to any email address or phone number. Nooch is 100% mobile – use it anytime, anywhere. Nooch Audio Overview & Benefits – 56 Seconds. The mobile app tech start-up Nooch is about to become the next best way to pay your buddy back for lunch last week or maybe the reason you actually end
It’s our goal at PhillyTech.Co to be the #1 Resource for Tech, Digital & Social Selling Talent in the Philly region. When we launched in December 2014 we immediately went to work to compile the best resources that Philly has to offer for the Philly Tech ecosystem. The city of Philadelphia is home to 488 tech firms. Additionally, there are over 5,000 tech firms in the Greater Philadelphia Region with an average of 16.5 employees
1/13/2015 – PhillyTech Company Profile # 1 – First Round Capital & Josh Kopelman – “Why Your Business Advocate Community is Vitally Important To Your Success.” – By Michael C. Bertoni – Founder & CTO – PhillyTech.Co – #1 Resource for Tech, Digital & Social Selling PhillyTech.Co profiles a different Philly Tech company each week. This week, we’re profiling First Round Capital, the seed-stage venture firm making Philly’s tech scene proud on a national stage. First
12/21/2014 – For Immediate Release – “Philadelphia Triathlon Club Partners with PhillyTech for Website Redesign & Development.” PhillyTech – Philadelphia Triathlon Club – Case Study for Website Redesign and Development from PhillyTech.Co (www.PhillyTech.Co) Fill out the form below and you will receive a complimentary 2 hour business and technical workshop where the PhillyTech Team will understand your goals, objectives, challenges and technical requirements and will build a custom solution for you at no cost. [si-contact-form

PhillyTech’s Vision

Posted by Michael C. Bertoni on  November 27, 2014

Category: Business Success
Our vision at PhillyTech is to be the #1 resource for Tech, Digital & Social Selling Talent in the Philly region. According to leading tech publication Philly and founder Christopher Wink, Philadelphia is home to 488 tech firms. Additionally, there are over 5,000 tech firms in the Philly region with an average of 16.5 employees per company. The Philadelphia region’s tech scene is at a tipping point. Back in 2004 when I moved to Philadelphia, the tech scene was still recovering from the