Can I Get Your Vote? Technically’s RealLIST Connectors

I would appreciate your vote for the Technically’s RealLIST Connectors because I am a top connector in the tech community. I’m 100% focused on the software and hi-tech markets and have over 20 years of experience helping tech startups succeed.

Technically’s Inaugural RealLIST Connectors 2020

What’s a Connector – It’s a person who has invested in a community around them, who has trust, insight and integrity. Community building can only happen with them.

PhillyTech is the industry leader in helping software and hi-tech companies succeed. We’re focused on Sales, Engineering and Recruiting Services.

About Michael C. Bertoni

Michael C. Bertoni is the Founder and CEO of PhillyTech and has 20 years of experience in Recruiting, Engineering and Sales for software and tech companies.