PhillyTech is Headquartered at WeWork, which is located at 1601 Market Street, 19th Floor, Philadelphia, PA, 19103.

To set up a Free Consultation with PhillyTech’s Founder & CTO, Michael C. Bertoni, who has 20 years of experience in technology, business development, software engineering, business analysis and staffing / recruiting, review the questions below, fill out the contact details and hit Submit. We’ll reach out to you within 24-48 hours to set up your free consultation.

During this Free Consultation Michael will understand your goals, challenges and needs and explain to you how we’re PROVIDING VALUE TO REAL CUSTOMERS. If you would like to continue to work with us we typically invest 20-30 hours of our time to build a solution proposal for you, where you’re under no obligation to work with us.

  • Do you have a General Software or HealthTech Product idea, prototype, existing software product or technology based service offering and have goals, challenges, needs or projects for PEOPLE (Engineering, Technology or Sales Talent), PRODUCT (Custom App Design or App Development) or PROFITABILITY (Business Development, Sales & Lead Generation)?

  • Do you own or are you evaluating ERP, SAP or API Management software and have goals, challenges, needs, projects or staffing and recruiting requirements in any of these areas?

  • Are you a Behavioral, Mental Health or Substance Abuse Treatment Center and have goals, challenges, needs or projects with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Billing, Collections, UR, Appeals, Reporting or Back-Office Services?