• Talent acquisition consulting
  • White label recruiting
  • Project based recruiting
  • Sourcing solutions
  • Retained search

Our recruiting processes are based on our over 20 years experience in the software and technology industry where we understand what motivates a person to leave their current position and work for you.

We give our clients our proprietary hunting and hacker recruiting processes, create extremely effective processes as well as implement software and technology that will act as the foundation for current and future recruiting requirements. We give you recruiting in a box to help you succeed with hiring tech talent.

We will stand up, manage and administer a Smartrecruiters Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and recruiting processes for our clients. We work with your team to build detailed job descriptions of engineering and development job requirements including overview, tech requirements, salary, etc that have been proven with PhillyTech’s other clients to attract better candidates.

PhillyTech will write up job requirements positions and post these jobs to 20+ job boards including Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

PhillyTech will perform these recruiting activities for clients:

  • Send jobs to our clients to share with their network, colleagues and communities.
  • Build engineering database of communities of interest and candidates. 
  • Hyper-targeting and messaging of jobs to candidates – PhillyTech will build messaging templates and send jobs to candidates within the database above.
  • Onboarding candidate process (after a candidate has posted their resume to the job on Smartrecruiters).
  • PhillyTech will build the screening, onboarding and hiring process within Smartrecruiters ATS.
  • PhillyTech will initially screen candidates and resumes via Smartrecruiters.
  • For any “A” candidates PhillyTech will send candidates an email, set up and do the initial screening interview, confirm salary range and other job requirements.
  • After this process above PhillyTech will send the candidate to the client to organize an interview and follow the Threshold interviewing process.
  • PhillyTech will work with the client team to coordinate any interviews, onsite interviews, code tests, negotiate salary and coordinate offers to candidates.
  • Provide weekly status meeting and reports.