How to Create a Competitive Advantage with Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Solutions?

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Big Data Solutions

Big data solutions need to be developed when traditional data mining and analytics techniques for relational databases cannot uncover the insights of the underlying data. Big data solutions are unstructured, time sensitive or extremely large and cannot be processed by relational database engines. Big data requires a different processing approach, and typically uses massive parallel processing on readily-available infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

AI solutions are developed when it becomes important to simulate human intelligence processes through the usage of computer systems. AI processes include learning, reasoning and self-correction. Weak or narrow AI solutions are designed and trained to address and focus on solving particular tasks. Strong AI solutions are designed to mimic generalized human cognitive abilities and solve more complex tasks.

Machine Learning Solutions

Machine learning solutions are an application of AI that give the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of algorithms that can access data and use it learn for themselves. Learning begins with observations of data, direct experience or instruction, in order to find patterns in the data to make better decisions.

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain solutions enable the creation of an online digital ledger that simplifies transactional applications and taking away the middle man. Blockchain fills three roles in transactions – recording, establishing identity and contracts – thereby removing the need for an intermediary. Blockchain solutions offer a more secure and private environment for carrying out transactions.

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