Meisha Johnson puts out a segment weekly on LinkedIn called “Weekly Wisdom” and in this 1 minute video below she’s saying that it’s not possible for a person to be balanced if they are not balanced spiritually. You can click on the picture below or HERE to see her video.

What follows below is a chat conversation on LinkedIn where I comment on her video, others ask me questions and then go on to explain how for over twenty years I’ve used a framework with seven goal areas to stay in balance, deal with issues and maximize my own human potential.

There weren’t enough characters in LinkedIn to respond to what people were asking me so this is why I wrote this blog.

Michael C. Bertoni – Founder & CTO (My response to Meisha)

In my experience there are 7 areas of your life that need to be in balance in order to maximize your human potential. I read a book on these “7 balance areas” about 20 years ago and the model has stuck with me ever since. Whenever, I’m feeling out of balance I sit down and map out achievable goals and an action plan in these areas and I quickly get back on track.

1. Mental

2. Physical

3. Career

4. Family

5. Financial

6. Social

7. Spiritual

While I agree that Spiritual is very important, I don’t agree that it’s the most important area for everyone. It might be the most important area for you (Meisha) because you value it more in your life order to stay balanced. I can understand if you think that your optimum spiritual balance would help maximize the other 6 areas, however my point is that this is because you personally value Spiritual balance more.

Stephen Johnson – Director and Founder of ROQ

What was the book Michael? I can relate to that list so keen to understand more.

Michael C. Bertoni – Founder & CTO

Stephen Johnson – I’ll get you the book, but I was having trouble finding it – It’s based on this –

Nathan Nevedal | Senior Branding Consultant

Michael, interesting point of view. I would like to know the book as well. In the meantime, I was taught that your spiritual state is most important. My question to you would be which one of the 7 do you still maintain when you pass? For this life is short. So which one is most important?

Michael C. Bertoni – Founder & CTO

@Nathan Nevedal – The reality is ALL of them are important if you want to maximize your potential as a human being. To answer your question, it simply depends on what your goals as a human being are. These 7 things have provided me personally with a framework to maximize my potential. 

Here’s how these 7 things work in the real world:

Someone says to themself, “I am not happy.” “I want more out of life” “I want to achieve XYX” or “Things don’t feel right in my life”

Next – Do a self evaluation based on the 7 areas below to figure out where the problems are…

1. Mental – Say you don’t feel mentally sharp, overwhelmed constantly or constantly worrying about something. This will affect all of the other areas below. To fix this first understand the root cause of the problem, For example:

 – I need to pay my bills (Financial and Career)

 – You don’t get enough sleep (Mental, Physical, maybe Social)

 – I’m constantly battling with my boss, spouse (Career, Family)

Set realistic goals in mental area, but also set goals in the area that’s causing the problem.

Do this for everyone of the areas….

2. Physical – Say you’re very out of shape, eat like garbage, etc. This affects every one of the 7 areas

3. Career – Say you hate your job, hate your boss or your company could be working you 60 hours a week. This affects many of the other areas.

4. Family – Say you are always fighting with your spouse or your kids are driving you crazy. This affects the other areas

5. Financial – Say you are in major debt or can’t pay your bills. This will affect the other areas.

6. Social – Say your best friend just moved or you don’t have many good relationships in your life. This will affect the other areas.

7. Spiritual – Say you don’t have any type of relationship with a higher power and you WANT to have one because it’s important to you. This will affect the other areas.

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