Every time PhillyTech helps one of our clients find a new hire, they always say the same thing, “How did you find this person so fast?” PhillyTech is focused on providing you the best People and getting maximum return on investment for your most important asset.

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  • Talent Acquisition Consulting
  • Full-Time Staffing & Recruiting
  • Contract Staffing & Recruiting
  • Contract to Full-Time Staffing & Recruiting

PhillyTech has been focused on proving People Solutions to software companies, tech startups, mid-size and Fortune 1000 organizations for over 20 years and provides maximum value to your organization.

Clients that we have worked with include Cloudmine, GSI Health, HealthVerity, CoreDial, Nestle Waters, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation, Philadelphia Insurance, Tokio Marine North America Services (TMNAS), Ricoh North America, Dollar Financial Group, 9Dots, BStow and YellowDig.

People are the most important asset in your company and 70-80% of your costs. According to research by the Human Capital Management Institute, people make up 70% of an organization’s operational expenses. A bad hire who makes $100,000 a year costs an organization $250,000. organizations that need to hire talent don’t have the right people, processes or technology to properly find, onboard and hire their employees. We’ve developed a differentiated Recruiting-as-a-Service that addresses these challenges and helps our clients succeed in hiring.

The Industry Challenge

There is a large problem in the IT recruiting industry. The majority of contingency search firms and third-party agencies doing recruiting are stuck in a old school, legacy recruiting model. For the most part, many – even the biggest and best – take poorly written job requirements, place them into the ATS, push them out to common job boards (Dice, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.), and then also send them out to their entire database of contacts.

But in our current environment, it’s not enough to use “post and pray” methods and rely on internal databases of talent. And even if the large firms do have access to large databases of contacts, most of them don’t bring the experience and know-how to deliver successful recruiting outcomes to identify, select, hire and onboard talented people based on exact fit, performance and culture, and organizational ROI/goals. Others might send you the people they have, but most aren’t set up to join as your team to help you build a recruiting program that works.

PhillyTech is organized to help you achieve the outcomes you need. We’ll work with you to establish a formal and optimized talent acquisition and recruiting program, and then we’ll source, market, recruit and hire talent in a way that achieves optimal results in hiring top candidates.

With PhillyTech, you get all the hires you need (and) a proven, working recruiting program that uses best-practices in attraction, engagement, hiring and on-boarding.

Talent Acquisition Consulting

We help you transform how your company attracts, hires and retains talent. The PhillyTech Talent Acquisition process is unmatched in the industry and is based on our 20+ years of experience. Our program is designed to deliver exact fit people for your organization – meaning those match the culture, have the right experience to perform and will stay with you over time. Our program is customized and based on your goals, proven processes, and a delivery model that is more cost effective than others.

  • Recruitment Research
  • Market & Competitive Trend Analysis
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • VOE and Perceptions Survey
  • Employer Brand Development
  • Value Proposition Positioning & Messaging
  • Culture (FIT) Evaluations
  • Hiring Profiles & Candidate Personas
  • Marketing Content (Design & Delivery)
  • Job Description Edits & Revisions
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Job Board Advertising
  • Salary Research & Insights
  • Reference Checking Tool Setup
  • Hiring & On-boarding Support
  • Talent Acquisition Solution Comparisons
  • Technology & Tool Customizations
  • Application Tracking System (ATS) Implementation

Full-Time Staffing & Recruiting

We offer full-time staffing and recruiting solutions, with a focus on SAP, Oracle, Java, API Management, .NET, CXO, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), VP of Engineering & Development, VP of Security, Full Stack Engineers, Front-end Engineers, Back-end Engineers, Mobile Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Architects, Cloud Engineers, Project Managers (PM), Business Analysts (BA), Sales, Business Development and Sales Engineering Talent.

Contract Staffing & Recruiting

Most organizations are very familiar with and employee-employer relationship, where an individual is hired by a company to work full-time for their organization. Contract staffing & recruiting refers to bringing in consultants for periods of anywhere from 3-12+ months to execute on specific work tasks.

Organizations have the ability to contract with PhillyTech or our partners, to provide technical staff to handle this type of work. Contract staffing greatly reduces cost, paperwork and HR functions for the company while giving them instant access to the technical resources they need to get work done as efficiently as possible.

Contract to Hire Staffing & Recruiting

Contract to hire staffing & recruiting is a hybrid of temporary and direct hire, and a great way for companies and talent to both make sure there is a good fit for one another. It allows potential employees to prove themselves to the organization. It also allows the organization to test the candidate for a predetermined period of time before hiring them.