Every time PhillyTech helps one of our clients find a new hire, they always say the same thing, “How did you find this person?” PhillyTech is focused on providing you the best People and getting maximum return on investment for the your most important asset.

Learn about how PhillyTech was published in DiscoverOrg Software for recruiting as a service.

Core Domains and Industries Served

  • Software and HealthTech markets from idea, tech startup to $100M software companies.
  • Fortune 1000 – Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail and BFSI.

PhillyTech has been focused on proving People Solutions to software companies, tech startups, mid-size and Fortune 1000 organizations for over 18 years and provides maximum value to your organization.

Clients that we have worked with include Cloudmine, GSI Health, HealthVerity, CoreDial, Nestle Waters, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation, Philadelphia Insurance, Tokio Marine North America Services (TMNAS), Ricoh North America, Dollar Financial Group, 9Dots, BStow and YellowDig.

People are the most important asset in your company and 70-80% of your costs. According to research by the Human Capital Management Institute, people make up 70% of an organization’s operational expenses. A bad hire who makes $100,000 a year costs an organization $250,000. organizations that need to hire talent don’t have the right people, processes or technology to properly find, onboard and hire their employees. We’ve developed a differentiated Recruiting-as-a-Service that addresses these challenges and helps our clients succeed in hiring.

Engineering & Business Development Staffing & Recruiting

We offer staffing and recruiting solutions, with a focus on SAP, Oracle, Java, API Management, .NET, CXO, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), VP of Engineering & Development, VP of Security, Full Stack Engineers, Front-end Engineers, Back-end Engineers, Mobile Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Architects, Cloud Engineers, Project Managers (PM), Business Analysts (BA), Sales, Business Development and Sales Engineering Talent.

Staffing and Recruiting Assessment & Recommendations

PhillyTech assesses three core areas in your organization including People, Process and Technology. Then we recommend and deliver solutions to improve the quality and performance of your people, internal processes that drive recruiting and hiring and make technology recommendations including your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Marketing Intelligence (MI) solution.

What Differentiates PhillyTech from the Competition?

We have developed a unique Recruiting-as-a-Service and People Solution Framework that is explained in the slideshow below and can also be reviewed in the published article by DiscoverOrg Software that will explain our leadership in the areas explained above. PhillyTech will typically find you candidates in 24 hours and our costs are much better than the standard 20% fee you will see from the competition.

Learn more about how PhillyTech can help your business and get 5 free hours of consulting worth $750 dollars by visiting us today.