PhillyTech Launches yourPosse in Philly & AC

yourPosse - rolling with your entourage just got easier

yourPosse: The Secret Weapon Vincent Chase and His Boys Wish They’d Had

By Rosella LaFevre – VP of Social & Digital Content – PhillyTech

Rosella LaFevre - PhillyTech VP

How many times have you come home from a night out with the guys — whether a bachelor party or any regular ol’ Friday — and felt utterly disappointed?

It’d happened to Adam several times. He’d been out with his entourage and felt the night could’ve been so much more entertaining if someone else had planned it. What if there was a better option? In fact, there had to be. And it should start with someone who really knows the lay of the land, someone who knew the destination city better than the guys heading there for fun.

The idea for a company that plans these evenings out for you and your boys came to Adam a few years ago. Then, with the responsibility of planning two bachelor parties for his buddies this year on his mind, Adam decided it was time to launch yourPosse.

yourPosse helps pull off exceptional guys night out & bachelor party experiences. Our team has planned epic parties in top spots around the country and is focused on select cities, starting with Philadelphia and Atlantic City. They’ll work with your budget and the dynamic of your entourage.

The bottom line is everyone deserves a great night. yourPosse will plan a full itinerary of events at a whole host of venues: restaurants, bars, clubs, golf courses, sporting events, casinos and of course those fun spots your crew goes to during marriage time.

yourPosse is launching first in Philadelphia and Atlantic City and is looking to help you plan your next guys night out or bachelor party. The first step in planning your next party, become one of our preferred vendors or join our team is to click on the yourPosse button below and complete our form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Rolling with an entourage just got easier.

yourPosse - rolling with your entourage just got easier

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