PhillyTech Company Profile #3 – Offshorent – Business Value of the Offshore Center as a Service™

Gigi JKGigi JK is the Founder & CTO of Offshorent, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and has over 25 years of development, delivery & outsourcing experience. Here are some more details on his experience and background in the Philly region.

  • Dual Bachelors: InfoSci. & Mathematics. (Drexel and Gandhi University)
  • Drexel – Summa Cum Laude
  • 25+ years of experience in software, technology and outsourcing
  • Application Architect – Comcast – 4+ years
  • Chief Information Officer – Arcgroup Associates – 4+ years
  • SMB experience: 12+ years.
  • Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia – Board Member
  • Mid-Atlantic Consultants Network- Board Member
  • Philly Startup Leaders (PSL) – Active Member
  • Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group (GPSEG) – Active Member

Offshorent has over 80 people in King of Prussia, PA and Cochin, India and is focused in website design and development, content management systems, application development, mobile development and ecommerce development. They work with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), high tech firms, technology integrators, digital and marketing agencies. Here are some of their client testimonials and happy customers.

Unlike most offshore delivery firms Gigi has significant experience in the US as a architect and CIO at companies including Comcast, VisAlign and Arc Group. He understand the business challenges with offshore and knows how to make offshore work for his clients and partners.

Gigi is the mastermind behind developing the Offshore Center as a Service™ that allows all organizations large and small to benefit from the advantages of offshore delivery and development. His Offshore Center as a Service™ provides complete operational control and cost transparency to his clients and on average saves them 30%-50% off their existing offshore relationships.

Gigi is offering a Offshore Center as a Service Free Tech Workshop where you will learn how Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader & CIO of Continuity Logic, Larry Bilker, set up his Offshore Center as a Service™ & has complete operational control and cost transparency plus saved 30%-50% off his existing offshore relationships. We embedded a presentation below for your review.

CIO LogoWhat are the Problems with Outsourcing? – In an article in “The ABCs of Outsourcing” they speak about the failure rate of outsourcing relationships being anywhere from 40 to 70 percent. At the heart of the problem is the inherent conflict of interest in any outsourcing arrangement. The client is seeking to get better service, often at lower costs, then by doing the work themselves. The vendor, however, wants to make a profit. In most cases this tension creates major issues in the outsourced relationship and often leads to failure.


What is the State of Outsourcing in 2014? – In an Executive Report by KPMG “The State of Services & Outsourcing in 2014″ they speak about outsourcing being at a critical juncture between providing genuine business value & low-cost staff augmentation. Providers of outsourcing services need to prove they can do more than basic operations, otherwise they run the risk of becoming a staff augmentation model for flexing operations as opposed to a strategic partnership for the organization. Both shared services and outsourcing are on the increase, 25% enterprise buyers are reinvesting heavily in their global shared services operations, while 70% are continuing to make investments in outsourced delivery. Integrating global services models that incorporate both shared services and outsourcing are the core focus for most enterprises and buyers are shifting more of their higher-value work to offshore shared services. Clients are rapidly losing patience with services providers that aren’t working proactively with them to provide more business value than the basic terms of the original contract.

Offshore Center as a Service Final
What is the Solution to Offshoring Problems? – Gigi feels that he has solved these issues and has built a model where you get complete control of your resources, facilities, HR, recruiting, training, oversight & a US & offshore delivery team that is focused on creating a WIN–WIN–WIN strategic partnership with your organization.  The client wins, the partner wins and your resources win.

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