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PhillyTech is a leader in helping software, technology, mid-size and Fortune 1000 organizations find, onboard and hire full-time or consultative IT talent. We will give you a $25 Gift Card of Your Choice for a Referral to an Information Technology (IT) Hiring Manager and $1,000 if your referral results in a successful placement for PhillyTech. Please share this page on LinkedIn & Twitter by clicking SOCIAL SHARE.

To Learn more about these PhillyTech People Services for your messages to hiring managers click HERE.


  • You must insert your email at the bottom of this page to enter our program.

  • You must refer PhillyTech to the Information Technology (IT) Hiring Manager, Director, VP, CTO or CIO.(Top IT jobs we place are Software/Mobile Developers, Software/Mobile Engineers, Architects, Cloud Engineers, Tech Leads, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Project Managers, VPs of Software Development or Engineering, CTO/Tech Co-Founder).

  • The person that you refer us to must take a meeting with PhillyTech.

  • After the meeting is completed PhillyTech will give you a $25 gift card of your choice.

  • If the referral results in a successful placement for PhillyTech we will give you $1,000.

Please send all introductions to IT Hiring Managers in one of two ways:

  • By sending an email to the hiring manager and CCing with a short note about PhillyTech and taking a meeting with us.

  • By sending PhillyTech the referral at this link - - and putting your name and email at the bottom in requirements.

This contest expired.

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