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By Rosella LaFevre

I am excited to join the team as Vice President of Social and Digital Media. I’m looking forward to combining my skills and passions and helping exceed expectations for PhillyTech’s clients.

I bring a pretty diverse background to the work we’ll be doing. I’ve got experience running my own online magazine, freelance writing for Philadelphia area publications, working at a PR agency and contracting with a marketing consultant who specializes in working with apartment management companies.

For the last year, I’ve worked as a marketing consultant, helping my own clients with marketing strategy, content, social media and public relations. My clients have included tech startups, life coaches, a food allergy organizer, handbag designers, a local boutique, a lawyer and a national staffing provider recognized on the Inc. 5000. I’ve worked with clients who:

• Are marketing without a defined strategy.
• Have outdated marketing materials, or lack them altogether.
• Need to rebrand and rewrite their websites.
• Don’t know how to use social media.
• Have something to say but aren’t comfortable writing it themselves.
• Want to build a reputation as a subject matter expert with major press.

I geek out all the time over ideas to grow others’ business. There’s a certain rush I get when I grow a client’s Instagram following by 300% in one month and execute email campaigns with 50% open rates. The joy I get seeing my name in print or online is the same I get when I see my clients’ names on, and, among others.

These are the types of results I’m excited to bring to PhillyTech’s clients. Also, as part of my work with PhillyTech, I’ll be profiling Philly’s tech founders, tech companies, tech teams, tech products and tech services here on the blog on a weekly basis.

Philly’s tech ecosystem is exploding with ideas, groups, bootstrapped startups, startups looking for funding and growing, well-funded companies. We also have a large amount of SMB’s and larger enterprise organizations that are flourishing in the region. We have noticed that many founders and organizations aren’t getting recognized for the contributions that they are making to the community.

If you want to be profiled or recommend someone else we should write about, shoot us an email or share this blog with your colleagues.

About Michael Bertoni

My name is Michael Bertoni and I am the Founder & CTO of PhillyTech - - PhillyTech is #1 Resource for Tech, Digital & Social Selling Talent in the Philly region. I have over 19 years of tech experience and 17 years of sales & business development experience. Please reach out to us at