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Our vision at PhillyTech is to be the #1 resource for Tech, Digital & Social Selling Talent in the Philly region. According to leading tech publication Philly and founder Christopher Wink, Philadelphia is home to 488 tech firms. Additionally, there are over 5,000 tech firms in the Philly region with an average of 16.5 employees per company.

The Philadelphia region’s tech scene is at a tipping point. Back in 2004 when I moved to Philadelphia, the tech scene was still recovering from the Dot Com implosion. When the dust settled there were a hand full of tech entrepreneurs like Josh Kopelman, David Bookspan, Michael Rubin, Lucinda Duncalfe, Bob Moul, Rick Nucci, Ned Moore, Chris Doggett that settled in the Philadelphia region.

According to Philly lead writer Juliana Reyes in her article, “17 Biggest Philadelphia Tech Business Acquisitions Since 2000” there have been 17 major tech acquisitions in the Philadelphia region since 2000. After these acquisitions, many of these same tech entrepreneurs took their exit dollars and reinvested in starting software, tech and venture capital businesses the Philly region. Software and Tech companies including Monetate, Kynetic, Artisan Mobile, Clutch, PeopleLinx, Guru and venture capital businesses including First Round Capital, DreamIt Ventures, MissionOG and TL Ventures are thriving in the Philly region due to the success of these early tech business acquisitions and exits.

The foundation for future software and tech start-up success is extremely strong in the Philly region. Blend this strong foundation with the costs of starting a tech or software start-up having sunk to the lowest levels since Web 2.0, the Philly region having over 100 of the best universities and colleges in the country, the over 412,000 businesses in the Greater Philadelphia Region employing over 2 million people and generating over $200 billion in sales and the Philly region has built a powder keg for explosive tech and start-up growth for the future.

Comcast also recently announced they will jointly develop the “Comcast Innovation and Technology Center” at 1800 Arch in Center City Philadelphia. This will be a $1.2 billion, 59 story and 1,121-foot tower next to the current Comcast Center. This will be home to a growing workforce of technologists, engineers and software architects.

Our opinion here at PhillyTech is that the Greater Philadelphia Region, with its low cost of living, strong business climate and easy access to technology hubs like Boston, New York and DC / Virginia, will not only become a destination for the best technology talent in the world, but will also become the largest start-up and technology hub on the east coast.

This transformation will create major challenges for organizations as they not only have to continuously innovate, drive sales and compete for the best technology talent, but also ensure that talent is right fit for their organization. The technology talent will also experience challenges as they will need to be prepared to quickly communicate their tech value proposition, hit the ground running on the job and ensure they are the fit for the organization while still developing their talents and soft skills.

Here at PhillyTech we have witnessed this transformation to the Philly Tech ecosystem, understand the challenges and are bringing solutions to the market that will immediately solve these issues and drive revenue growth for our clients.

Our vision has 4 core principles that guide PhillyTech on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Give back to the Philly Tech ecosystem and help support its foundation and continued growth – To Learn More Click here.
  2. Be a valuable resource for our clients, prospects and partners by always looking to help them first before ourselves.
  3. Provide the highest quality technology talent and ensure they are the right fit for our clients.
  4. Mentor, train and develop our technology talent so they can be a more valuable resource for our clients and expand their careers.

Here is a brief overview of PhillyTech’s Delivery & Service Offerings:

Delivery Flexibility – We offer our clients the ultimate flexibility in the delivery of staffing & projects.

  • Onsite Staffing & Recruiting
  • Onsite Consulting
  • Onsite Projects
  • Hybrid Onsite / Offshore Projects
  • Direct Hire Offshore Sourcing

Digital & Application Development Services 

  • Website Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • eCommerce Development.

Social Selling Services (Focused on Prospecting & Lead Generation)  

  • LinkedIn Training
  • Presentation Development
  • Prospecting Messaging
  • Outsourced Sales & Inside Sales
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing

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About Michael C. Bertoni

Michael C. Bertoni is the Founder and CEO of PhillyTech and has 20 years of experience in Recruiting, Engineering and Sales for software and tech companies.