Outsourced Sales and Lead Generation

PhillyTech has over 20 years of experience helping software companies with sales and lead generation. We’re in the business of helping you execute proven sales strategies that generate software and services revenue for your organization.

PhillyTech has developed proprietary processes and software to drive sales that we’ve used over the past twenty years. When you work with PhillyTech you can leverage our team’s resources, your own team members or a combination of both in order to achieve your goals.

Who are the team members that PhillyTech can help bring into your organization?

  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Director of Business Development
  • Inside Sales and Campaign Manager
  • Sales Data Analyst
  • Sales Coach

What is the Proven PhillyTech 10-Step Sales Process?

  1. Assessment and Strategy 
  2. Data Driven Account Segmentation
  3. Digital Content Development 
  4. Campaign Messaging Development 
  5. Lead Generation Campaigns 
  6. Meeting and Demo Optimization
  7. Solution and Proposal Development
  8. Delivery of Proposal
  9. Closing and Follow Up
  10. Repeat Sales and Referrals

What are the proprietary processes and software that PhillyTech can bring into your organization?

  • Data Driven Account Segmentation
  • Digital Content Development 
  • Campaign Messaging Development 
  • UPROSPECT Software