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Michael C. Bertoni
Founder & CEO
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Two days ago I had a huge success story with a client that compelled me to create this campaign. More on this below…

PhillyTech is committed to helping software and hi-tech companies with sales, recruiting and engineering services.

When a software company works with us during the “Software Sales Leads for Free Campaign” you will get free leads. Oh Yes, It’s Free. Free, Free, Free and unlike TurboTax, it’s actually free. 😀

I have over 24 years of experience developing a process and software to generate leads and optimize the sales process.

I can confidently say that PhillyTech is the best company to help you with sales and lead generation. Why? Because my clients have told me hundreds of times. The typical response after we get a software company a lead is, “Mike, how the heck do you do this so fast? Here’s what I tell them. “Well, I actually have these lead generating superpowers…” 🤓

I explain to them that since 1997 when I started in sales, I have been developing and improving a process to generate leads for software companies. From 1999-2014 this served me very well when I worked for tech companies including Computer Associates, Oracle, Apigee, Jive Software, AppLabs, Alliance Global Services, Razor Technology and Anexinet.

My goal was to always get a great qualified lead and bring this lead to the team. The team would then work together to bring in the business. In my mind, the qualified lead was the most important thing. If you could scale up getting qualified leads it would be impossible not to be successful. Along my journey I also developed additional processes to optimize sales cycles, qualify prospects, conduct meetings and run demos, but I still feel that getting the meeting is the most important thing.

In 2015 when I started PhillyTech, I turned this process into a sales lead generation service and recruiting service for software companies. In 2016, I built a software product called UPROSPECT (Digital CV) to generate leads for software companies and have been using it for over five years to generate leads for PhillyTech and my clients. I will be bringing UPROSPECT to market in 2020 and my vision is to build the first $1B dollar market cap software company in the Philly region ($50M at 20x earnings). I’m also one of the most connected people on LinkedIn with over 16,000 1st connections.

Another reason that I can confidently say PhillyTech is the best company for sales and lead generation is because in the last three weeks after losing over $20,000 a month in business because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), my team and I have generated 15 new leads for PhillyTech.

Here’s an overview of the success story that pulled this all together for me.

A great software startup that I’m working with had a need to hire 7 Full-Time Engineers, 2 Engineers out of the gate in March. What happened? Everything was put on hold 3 weeks ago because of the Coronavirus.

What did I do? Complain? Get Angry? No, I immediately went into action to generate 15 new leads for PhillyTech in three weeks and refocus my company on sales services as a priority, followed by recruiting, then engineering services.

Then something magical happened with this client, which made me come up with the idea for the “Software Leads for Free Campaign”.

I talked to the CEO this past Tuesday and told him that I was going to run a lead generation campaign to get feedback on their software product. At 6.30pm on Tuesday night I ran this campaign to about 15 people I knew. By 7.56pm I scheduled a great meeting for this software company with the Global Head of Enterprise Storage for a large financial services company. We had the meeting yesterday and the CEO agreed that PhillyTech would get paid for introductory meetings.

Here’s the overview of the Software Sales Leads for Free Campaign:

  • You need to be a software or hi-tech company and either have funding for sales / marketing or be very close to getting funding in the next 1-3 months.
  • For the Software or hi-tech company that has funding for sales / marketing – depending on your software product, service and current situation PhillyTech will give you 1-2 free leads and prove out our sales and lead generation service.
  • For the software or hi-tech company that is very close to getting funding in the next 1-3 months – depending on your software product and current situation PhillyTech will give you 3 free leads and prove out our sales and lead generation service.

If you are interesting in doing this, go to our contact page and set up a meeting with us or click PhillyTech’s Digital CV below and set up a meeting with me.

Best regards,

-Michael C. Bertoni, Founder & CEO, PhillyTech

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