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Business Development, Sales & Lead Generation Program Overview

Phase 1 – Discovery and Assessment 

  • Goals and objectives
  • Business challenges
  • Technical challenges
  • Current processes understanding
  • People involved in processes
  • Technology utilized for business development
  • Products overview, demos, deep dive
  • Understanding of current target market
  • Understanding of competition
  • Current customers and case studies
  • Current business development and sales content
  • Pricing models for software products
  • Website review
  • Research

Phase 2 – Deliverables 

  • Lean Canvas Development 
  • Revenue Generating Business Plan – strategy, process, approach and projections
  • Business development and sales presentation framework for meetings
  • Target and prospect database – companies, contacts, emails, warm market
  • Messaging and content to target warm market, prospects and generate leads
  • Costing and Pricing Model 

Phase 3 – Monthly Business Development, Sales, Lead Generation 

  • Targeting warm market of client organization, partners, advocates
  • Conferences, events and monthly webinars
  • Email campaigns and email hyper-targeting
  • Follow up phone calls and voicemails
  • Lead handoff data documents – to prep for meetings
  • Involvement and/or coaching on meetings and next steps
  • Weekly status meeting and reports