PhillyTech Thanks Clients, Happy New Year 2016!

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PhillyTech Thanks Clients & Partners in 2015!

Happy New Year 2016!

PhillyTech wanted to personally thank our clients and partners in 2015 and wish everyone a prosperous and healthy 2016! We started PhillyTech in 2015 with the goal to be the #1 resource for tech, digital and social selling. If we did not have clients we wouldn’t have been able to make the business a reality. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

PhillyTech worked with 28 clients in 2015 and built custom applications, mobile apps, websites, provided application development staffing, IT recruiting, digital solutions, business development and social selling services.

One client that we wanted to highlight that captures the essence of the PhillyTech value proposition is My Sensory Locations (MSL). MSL’s Founder, Adam Klein, had a vision to launch a software product that would benefit the autistic and special needs community. He wanted to build a product that would allow the autistic and special needs community to easily locate a restaurant based on their unique sensory needs. Anyone that has a family member or knows someone with autism or special needs understands the challenges to go out for a nice family meal. PhillyTech was able to build the MSL Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and help make Adam’s vision a reality. We will continue to work with MSL in 2016 to improve the product, monetize and identify funding sources. If you are aware of any angel investors that are passionate about this area please reach out to us.

PhillyTech has very lofty goals for 2016, which include adding value in our existing customers, expanding our partner channels and adding a minimum of 25 new clients within our core competencies of Tech, Digital and Social Selling Services. If you are interested in learning about how we can help you reach your goals please reach out to us.

Our team looks forward to working with our clients, partners and other organizations in 2016!

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Michael C. Bertoni – Founder & CTO – PhillyTech

About Michael C. Bertoni

Michael C. Bertoni is the Founder and CTO of PhillyTech and has 20 years of experience in Technology, Software, and Business Development. He founded PhillyTech in December 2014, and has achieved 300% growth and 100% growth year over year. For over 20 years PhillyTech has been providing STRATEGIC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT to clients throughout the Philadelphia region, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and the United States. They work with funded and venture backed software and HealthTech companies as well as public, private and non-profit organizations. STRATEGIC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Strategic Business Development is the creation of long-term business value for an organization where you help them create a competitive advantage, drive revenue, increase productivity, customer satisfaction and lower costs through a combination of engineering and sales solutions. Engineering Solutions – Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Web & Mobile App, Staffing & Recruiting Solutions. Sales Solutions – Data Acquisition, Hyper-targeting, Lead Generation, Marketing, Events, Sales Coaching, Staffing & Recruiting Solutions. Michael has been a high achiever his entire life, lives with passion and strives for excellence. He firmly believes that any goal can be achieved, as long as the individual has the right mindset, develops a plan, executes and consistently improves along the way.