UPROSPECT™: Prospecting Simplified: Explainer Video and Free Software Beta Program

Anyone that knows our Founder and CTO, Michael C. Bertoni, knows that he is extremely passionate about prospecting, lead generation, business development and coaching. UPROSPECT represents our over 20 years of experience in doing these things for companies and clients including Computer Associates, Oracle, AppLabs (CSC), Alliance Global Services (EPAM), Apigee (Google) and Jive Software.

We currently perform Profitability Services for 10 clients at PhillyTech, which is an outsourced business development, lead generation and coaching service for the Tech, Software, MedTech and HealthTech industries. UPROSPECT is a software platform that will automate this service for our clients and can be used stand alone or as part of our service.

There are many tools and software products on the market that help with prospecting ,(ie. Hootsuite, Hubspot, Buffer) but these tools are typically designed for marketing departments and not for tech startups, entrepreneurs, business development and sales executives who quickly need data and information to generate leads, opportunities and revenue for their company.

It’s our vision to create a software platform that revolutionizes prospecting and lead generation. Check out the Explainer Video is and sign up below for our Free Software Beta Program.


UPROSPECT – Prospecting Simplified – Free Beta Program

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